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Flo Main 1952-2021

My mother would probably kill me for putting up a page like this.

She hated public attention, she hated pictures of herself, she wanted to live her life through her children and eventually her grandchildren. Those were her life.

To say my mother saved me in many ways was an understatement. Growing up how I delt with controversy, the bulling, was to hide and run away. My mum saw this, my mum championed me, and fought my battles, and one of her fears was leaving me alone to fight them by myself.

My autism did not help, sometimes I could be a crabby bastard to my mum, and she gave as good back. Things like that I regret. She had the whole world on her shoulders then some.

She missed talking to her sister Christine when she sadly passed away, and she longed to speak to her again. And I do hope now she is doing so along with the rest of her family and her pain has now gone.

I will always have her in my head and will always speak to her and ask for her advice and hope one day see her again.

My grief has not kicked in yet. It’s the same for most of us in the family it was too fast, and too sudden. But my mum is at peace now, she’s not troubled by pain of her arthritis, and her bad chest.

I want to thank all for your support and kindness.

Andi x