other shit!

Huwoo! my name is Andi. Thats with a 'I' as ma dad is with a 'y,' (on a side note, never in a vain attempt to 'live forever,' name your kids after yourself, it only leads to shit when it comes to credit reports, bar stewards mistaking you for yer dad online.) call them 'Tyrone,' fuck their life real up!

I'm a Gay! been a gay all my life, (to the joys of running for your life at school!)

I’m an artist, of such, I paint, I draw, and I muck about! If you want to cop a swatch at my work, please look at the gallery page!

Finally, you will notice there is not a contact us button on my website. This is not that I don’t want to talk to you, (no, that’s a lie!) But previously I have put myself out there only to attract the joys of scam arseholes trying to con me! I'm a poor struggling artist who lives in Brexit Britain, where we have to wait for food like its 1970s communist Russia!*

*and I widnie know what tae do with a BITCOIN!